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setup and manage facebook instagram ads campaign advertising

This is Saidur, Having five Years Professional Working Experience in USA Based PPC Agency. Recently, i’ve commenced my adventure here! I Love Innovative Marketing & Grow the Business of My Clients.




According to the Research, we see that 70% of Facebook Ads Campaign not able to make end result for the business. Maximum marketer even doesn’t understand the way to goal the target target market and the way to set strategy! 

Some humans simply goal the humans with blind eye!


Value I Provide:

  1. Proper Research for your target target market and competitors
  2. Write changing advert replica that allows you to boom CTR
  3. Get a complete document for your website
  4. Strategy Suggestion earlier than begin your campaign



  • Facebook Ads Campaign Setup (Conversion ads, Engagement Ads, Brand Awareness, Web Traffic, Message Campaign, Call Campaign, Lead Generation Ads, Retargeting Campaign)
  • Audience (Lookalike Audience, Retargeting Audience, Email List Audience, Custom Tag Base Audience, Niche Base Audience)
  • Technical Support (Pixel Setup, Tag Setup, Google Analytics Setup)
  • Facebook Ads Management (Custom Placement, Performance Base Optimization, Data Breakdown)
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