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dentify fake, ghost, inactive followers on instagram to remove them later



Removing is ordered one by one and costs $30 in step with month*.


Because of mistake, prank, or fraud, you could get bot (faux) fans for your account. For individuals who commenced Instagram a protracted ago, a number of your fans might also additionally become bored for your account. They are passive watchers who by no means like or comment.  It all kills your engagement rate. And we right here to assist you!



We discover 3 chance groups:


❌Inactive Profiles. Subscribers who havent posted some thing for a long term and havent proven themself in any way.

In maximum cases, it both faux/bots or lost/deserted accounts.


Mass fans. Accounts with greater follọws than usually.

They cant see your posts due to the fact their newsfeed is plagued by too many posts. At the equal time, it could be bot/faux accounts.


👻Ghost fans. Someone who subscribes in your account. But they by no means like or touch upon your ultimate one hundred forty posts.


As a end result of examine you get hold of a listing of usernames from all 3 groups.



As I cited earlier, Removing is ordered one by one and costs $30 in step with month. Its secure to eliminate as much as 3000 people in 30 days.