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create 15 boards with 80 pins and help you for pinterest marketing

I am a expert social media marketer. I do Pinterest marketing. I permit you to to attain thru all of the Pinterest network so you can unfold your enterprise or logo all around the world. All the visitors goes to go to you website. I will increase your web sites Traffic, Sales and could make Rank High on Search Engines.


This Gig consists of the following:


* Profile setup and account optimization

* Creating new Boards following you area of interest or updating your existing.

* Adding Pins consistent with the Boards.

* Writing content material in your new Pins that consists of Hashtags.

* Linking all of the Pins.

* Doing SEO.

* Following humans relative in your area of interest

* Others viral Pins might be repined.

* Fast delivery

* Fast and pleasant communication.


If you experience any interest, please touch with me .

Thanks a lot.